black and white photo of pro shop back on April 21, 1954

Golf History

In 1907 a few enthusiasts laid out a nine-hole course with sand greens. The only rule was that once you had played a green it was your duty to smooth out any footprints on the green by running over the "green" with a piece of carpet that was fastened to a brick. Players hung their coats on the back of a "Sarnia Wollen Mills" sign at the corner of Christina and Exmouth Streets. It was the theft of a favourite pipe and tobacco pouch that led to the construction of a clubhouse.

In 1910 a meeting was held to discuss the organization of the club and the construction of a clubhouse building. $500 was raised to erect a small building-later used as a pro shop.

In 1913 the opportunity arose to secure a "very desirable" property of some 80 acres. On the East Side of Christina Street, then known as Woodrowe Avenue, the property was purchased for $2,800. George Cummings was hired to design a 9 hole course. The land was cleared by local labour and paid for as the money was raised.

In 1915 the new clubhouse was formally opened but shortly after disaster struck when the clubhouse was destroyed by fire. With no fire hydrants, spectators could only watch as the club burned to the ground.

By 1917 a new clubhouse was built and in operation. Construction of the new nine holes started in 1926 and was ready for play in 1927 on land that was secured on a long term lease from Grand Trunk.

Amalgamation of the Sarnia Curling Club and the Golf Club started in 1960. Both clubs had serious problems with the Golf Club having no activities in the winter months and the Curling Club was unable to entertain new members without expansion and major maintenance to their building. The new rink would consist of 8 sheets of ice with a new lounge and locker rooms. The contract was awarded to Curran and Herridge for $346,785. 

Curling History

The earliest record of curling in Sarnia dates back to 1866 when a few enthusiasts would clear the snow off Sarnia Bay. In 1870 an outdoor rink was operated on London Road and in 1874 the first indoor rink with two sheets of ice was built at 180 Christina Street South. This was used until 1894 when St. Andrews rink was built opposite St. Andrews Church on Christina Street North. In 1909 a six rink building was built on Euphemia Street but because of the inconvenience of this location a "fine structure" with six sheets of ice was erected on Christina Street North. Ladies Curling began in 1933 with 24 members and membership dues of $5 and .50 cents for prizes. 



1955 - Clint Laidlaw, Dr. McKenzie, George Spencer