Practice tee in front of clubhouse

Dress Code 

  •  The purpose of the dress code is to ensure that sensible, reasonable and appropriate standards are maintained at all times on club premises.
  •  The Pro Shop is well stocked with suitable clothing and any inadvertent errors may be quickly and easily corrected.
  •  When inviting guests, it is the member's obligation to inform them of the club's dress code regulations in order to prevent any possible embarrassment to all concerned.
  •  Jogging pants, pajama pants, gym shorts and sweat pants are not permitted.
  •  Caps or visors must be worn in the forward position.
  •  If an outside event is being held, the organizers would be responsible for ensuring their guests follow the club’s dress code.
  •  Exceptions to the dress code may be granted to the following; golf tournaments, curling bonspiels and private parties, but they must be approved in advance by the club.
  •  Where denim is permitted, it must be in good repair without any rips, tears, frayed ends, or holes and must be worn appropriately.
  •  The dress code does not apply to children under the age of ten, with the exception of the golf course.
  •  Clothing with large commercial logos is not permitted with exception of the SGCC logo.

Golf Course, Putting Green, Driving Range & Practice Areas

  •  Men’s tailored golf slacks or tailored shorts are required.
  •  Men’s golf shirts with collars, turtlenecks or mock neck shirts. Mock neck shirts must have a minimum 1” collar.
  •  Men’s shirts must be tucked in at all times on the golf course.
  •  Women’s tailored slacks, shorts and golf skirts.
  •  Women’s shirts: sleeveless must have collars, collarless must have sleeves.
  •  Appropriate footwear: soft spikes, golf shoes - including open toe golf sandals.
  •  Rain pants, wind pants, outerwear, and hooded golf clothing are permitted, but only when worn over appropriate golf attire.
  •  No denim of any colour, cargo shorts, yoga pants or spandex.
  •  Spectators on regular golfing days must be dressed appropriately for the golf course.

Greenside Dining Lounge

  •  Denim is permitted in the Greenside Dining Lounge, but men will require a dress shirt, golf shirt, or mock neck with a minimum 1” collar. Jackets are preferred (but not required) after 5:00 pm.
  •  No ball or golf caps, hats or visors.
  •  No wind suits.
  •  Men’s and women’s golf attire are acceptable. (See above description under golf course)
  •  Women’s sleeveless shell tops with or without collars are acceptable.

Down Bar, Curling Lounge & Greenside Patio

  •  Shirts must be tucked in except those with tailored bottoms specifically designed to be worn “untucked”.
  •  Wind suits are permitted.
  •  During the curling season, the rule will be “dress appropriate for the sport” for the Down Bar and Curling Lounge. For example: Team members are permitted to wear attire containing their team name and/or sponsor’s crest.


  •  The Starter and Pro Shop employees have the authority at their discretion to refuse golfing privileges to members and guests for non-compliance of the dress code policy.
  •  Clubhouse employees have the authority at their discretion to refuse clubhouse privileges and service to members and guests for non-compliance of the dress code policy.
  •  If a member has a guest and the guest is marginally out of dress code, they would still be served on the first occasion, but the member would be discreetly informed and documented.
  •  Members or guests in violation of the dress code will be asked to immediately vacate the premises.